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Yuneec Breeze a Good Option for Beginners

Photography was invented nearly 200 years ago. Aerial drone photography, however, is still a growing industry. Since it’s still a relatively new market, customers are usually left with two options: Professional photography drones or serious amateur photography drones. There is not much selection for beginners and casual hobbyists. The compact and decently priced ($500) Yuneec Breeze nicely fulfills this niche.

Yuneec Breeze a Good Option for Beginners

While certainly not for professional use, Yuneec has helped create a new option for newcomers. The Breeze is a fun drone to fly and provides good quality video particularly for small screens such as YouTube.

The Breeze comes with a respectable 4k-capable camera (30fps). However, the drone does not include a stabilizing gimbal making it harder to take steady videos. To help, Yuneec included features to help novice flyers such as pre-programmed auto flying options.

The Breeze is also lightweight weighing in it at around 13 ounces and can easily fit inside a backpack for simple transport. One downfall, however, is the drone’s battery is only strong enough to power 10 minutes of flight. It does come with a second battery though to double flight time.

Yuneec’s new Breeze drone is an excellent choice for beginners in aerial photography. Its features are not enough for professionals and serious amateurs, but a drone is a great option for newcomers looking to gain experience without breaking the bank. For more information regarding the Yuneec Breeze or to make a purchase, please click here. For questions or advice on which model will best fit your needs, please feel free to contact us anytime.