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Yuneec Breeze First Person View (FPV) System

Get ready to take your drone experience to the next level with Yuneec’s Breeze First Person View (FPV) System. With the Breeze FPV system, you can now pilot your drone in first-person, as if you were actually sitting in the cockpit. You’ll see what your camera sees, allowing you to capture the perfectly crisp, beautiful video you need.

Yuneec Breeze First Person View (FPV) System

The Breeze Game Controller connects to your smart device via Bluetooth, giving you the capability to fly your drone accurately with physical joysticks and buttons, as opposed to the virtual controls available on your touchscreen smart device. The Breeze Game Controller provides a more accurate flying control system than competitors and helps you maneuver your drone exactly where it needs to be.

Place your smart device on Yuneec’s ergonomic and durable FPV goggles to experience a fully immersive flying experience. The Breeze transmits 720p HD video to your smart device, but the camera can record in 720p, 1080p, or even 4K video. With an 110 degree field of view, you’ll have a fantastic flying experience time after time. Yuneec’s FPV goggles offer an adjustable headband and pupil distance adjustment, allowing for a snug and comfortable fit and an uninterrupted flying experience.

RDM Drones is here to put industry-leading technology into the hands of professional filmmakers. With the new capabilities offered by Yuneec’s FPV System, you’ll be able to create stunning 4K aerial videos with ease. Plus, RDM Drones is an approved, authorized Yuneec factory dealer, offering nationwide sales and drone repair and service. Contact us today for more information or buying options.