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YUNEEC H520 Bundle – CGO-ET, Extra Battery, Lumecube, Hoodman Sunshade, Pelican Case (YUNH5ET)



  • CGO-ET
  • Extra Battery
  • Lumecube
  • Hoodman Sunshade
  • Pelican Case (YUNH5ET)


The Yuneec H520 is an advanced six-rotor drone for commercial applications. The H520 builds off the proven Typhoon H platform and incorporates industry-first commercial-grade cameras and applications for high-end commercial use. The H520 offers longer flight time, greater payload, modular design and enhanced components while staying true to Yuneec’s standard of excellence in aviation precision and safety.

Thermal Imaging Solution

The CGOET is a 3-Axis, brushless self-stabilizing gimbal camera with Infrared Imaging Capability (Exothermic Imaging). The Self-Stabilizing gimbal makes it possible to capture vivid photographs and fluid video footage for an array of uses. The built-in digital video link delivers streaming video compatible with iOS and Android equipped devices including smart-phones and tablets as well as YUNEEC Personal Ground Stations. The CGO-ET is an innovative combination of 3-axis, 360 degree rotating gimbal with thermal imaging and low light camera. The thermal camera measures the infrared energy of objects differentiating between temperatures. The included low light camera is 20x more sensitive than the human eye providing superior low light photography and video.


Yuneec H520
– Larger frame and larger motors for increased stability
– Increased flight time (31 minutes)
– Enhanced propellers for speed
– Ideal range for commercial applications
– E50 Camera with a distortion free, 50mm all glass lens

CGOET Exothermal Camera
– Exothermal imaging and low light camera 1080p combined and receivable (picture-in-picture or superimposed)
– Temperature measurement and display.
– Multiple color spectra offers users selectable visualization of heat sources.
– Adjustable temperature detection scale for specific ranges.
– Gimbal mounted IR for smooth detection display.
– Large RGB sensor “sees” better detail in the dark than the human eye.
– HD and infrared simultaneous recording.
– Remote camera settings.
– 3 Axis Gimbal.
– 360 degree unlimited gimbal rotation.
– Team mode capability.
– Low distortion lens.
– CGO-ET application, available in the App Store and Google Play Store.