RDM Pro Plus Package

Freewell CGO3-CGO3+ 6 PACK
Freewell CGO3-CGO3+ 4 PACK
Freewell CGO3-CGO3+ 3 PACK
GPC Hard Case for H
YUNTYH105 (Lipo Battery) – TWO batteries total
YUNTYHCUS (Typhoon H aircraft with ST16 Remote and accessories)
YUNTYHR (RealSense module)

Ships in 2 cartons:
1.) aircraft: 17 Lbs.,12″x17″x12″ un-opened, in its own carton
2.) Other goods: 27 Lbs., 25″x20″x15″ (hard case in its carton, and the small items go inside the hard case)

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Typhoon H with Intel RealSense

  • The RealSense technology is capable of detecting obstacles and adapting to them intelligently by using three different cameras and sensors that refresh at 60fps to build a 3D model of the world. This module upgrades the standard version of the Yuneec Typhoon H to one capable of autonomous flight.
  • The infrared and RGB cameras and the infrared laser combine using machine vision technology developed by Intel with Yuneec to let the aircraft’s autopilot know exactly how far it is from surrounding object it has ‘seen’ and differentiate between objects of differing color to enhance distinguishing between them.
  • Typhoon H with RealSense carries an additional Intel® RealSense™ camera over the standard Intel implementation. There are three cameras that act like one—a 1080p HD camera, an infrared camera, and an infrared laser projector—they “see” like the human eye to sense depth and track motion. Typhoon H’s full 360 degree camera gimbal and retractable gear allows the module to always be facing obstacles in the path of flight, regardless of camera position.
  • The additional sensors don’t just provide enhanced collision avoidance but also enhance the H’s ability to sense altitude and allows for fully autonomous flight. Upgrade your drone and experience the worlds first mass produced autonomous drone!


Freewell Filters

ND8 grey graduated filter (equivalent to 3 stops)
Orange graduated filter
Blue graduated filterUV filter
Circular polarization filter – two
Neutral Density 4 filter
Neutral Density 8 filter – two
Neutral Density 16 filter
Neutral Density 32 filter
Neutral Density 8 +circular polarization dual funtion filter
Neutral Density 16 +circular polarization dual function filter
(And don’t forget the included lens-cleaning pens!)

New to filters?  Read on!
Explanation of standard ND filter numbers and equivalent standard F-Stop reduction:
ND4 = 2 stops = 25% (1/4) light transmission
ND8 = 3 stops = 12.5% (1/8) light transmission
ND16 = 4 stops = 6.25% (1/16) light transmission
ND32 = 5 stops = 3.125% (1/32) light transmission

  • Each ND number is the reciprocal of the light transmission through the filter. For example, the ND4 filter transmits 1/4 of the light, and an ND8 filter transmits 1/8 of the light.
  • Stop numbers work in a similar way. For each stop number added, the light is decreased by 50%. Therefore, an F-stop reduction of 1 admits only 1/2 of the light, and an F-stop of 2 admits only 1/4 of the light. An F-stop of “0”, of course, admits all of the light to the camera.

Explanation of graduated filter effects and use:
These filters are clear in the bottom half of the filter with a gradual transition to the color or ND effect in the top half. Their use is limited only by one’s creativity, and common uses of these filters are:

  • Light reduction in skylines of landscape shots.
  • To add an orange grad to color the sky, perhaps a colored streak across the image over the sun providing a sunset effect.
  • To create a realistic cooling blue effect such as enhancing the blues of water and skies. Graduated filters are a vital tool in your landscape filter armory. Soft edge grads have a smooth transition from clear to the color.

Explanation of polarized filter effects and use:
Polarization reduces reflections that are often seen when photographing water, glass and similar reflective surfaces. It increases color contrast and saturation by transmitting only circularly polarized light. A circular Polarizing filter ensures uniform light distribution and therefore maintains better sharpness and color balance in images.

Explanation of UV filter effects and use:
The UV filter blocks the short wavelength light from entering the lens. The UV causes blur and haze and can give a blue cast to some scenes. The filter in this kit also protects the camera lens and can be used in place of the standard clear filter/protector whenever no other specialized filter is required.

Weight 44 lbs