Freewell Graduated Color Filter 3-Pack for DJI Zenmuse X5/X5R

DJI, Freewell


Reference: X5GRAD

Made of high quality resin material
Aluminum alloy Threaded Filter for easy installation
Protect X5/X5R Lens
ND8 (3 Stops) Grey Graduated Filter
Orange Grad
Blue Grad
Suitable for DJI ZENMUSE X5/X5R


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Freewell Grey Grad (9 Grams) Filter 3 stops Neutral density (or ND) filters produce a grey neutral tone and are used in photography to reduce light, enabling more control over exposure and depth of field without affecting color contrast. These filters are clear in the bottom half of the filter with a gradual transition to the ND effect in the top half. They are primarily used for light reduction in skylines of landscape shots.

Freewell Orange Filter 1.8 Stops (9 Grams) , Perhaps its a normal evening, you can see a fair view and its a nice enough scene. So how do you improve, well you could add an orange grad to colour the sky, perhaps a coloured streak across the image over the sun providing a sunset effect, perhaps you could use an ND grad to hold back the sky area, allowing the land to be lighter and more colour saturated.

Freewell Blue Filter 1.8 Stops grad filters (9 Grams) create a realistic cooling blue effect. It enhances the blues of water and skies and is a vital tool in your landscape filter armory. Soft edge grads have a smooth transition from clear to the color.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 in