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Drones With HD Cameras Seeing Increased Solar Industry Use

A lot of people think of drones as toys. But while drones with HD cameras are becoming more accessible to the general public, they’re also seeing increased use in the energy industry. Particularly in solar farms, where the use of drones with high-definition and infrared cameras have drastically cut down on both manpower and cost when it comes to making sure solar panels are properly maintained.

Drones With HD Cameras Seeing Increased Solar Industry Use

Just Look At Shizuoka

Shizuoka, Japan has several solar power plants in it, and these plants need to operate at maximum efficiency in order to provide for the citizens. One way the plants do that, according to Japan Today, is to use drones to check on irregularities in panels.

The way the process works is that a drone is equipped with an infrared camera, and it takes aerial pictures of panels to find hot spots and other problem areas. This whole process can be accomplished quickly and efficiently with a drone, which means human technicians don’t have to go from panel to panel, doing everything by hand. With drones providing nearly instantaneous feedback, problems can be located, assessed, and then fixed in a fraction of the time they would have before. More importantly, all of this can be done with minimal personnel involved, which represents an even bigger savings for solar plants.

When all is said and done, drones are one more tool in building the energy of the future. For more news and updates about the latest uses for drone technology, simply contact us today!