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Drone Repair Information – Payment Information

Drone RepairWhere to Ship

1120 Jupiter Rd., Suite 190, Plano, TX 75074

What to Ship

Aircraft: Please include all items (aircraft, remote, charger, one battery) that constitute a complete and usable system so that our technicians can make a thorough examination, and test it properly after the repair is completed. Please do not send props, SD cards, or third party accessories unless you suspect there is a problem with those items or you want them tested.

FPV Systems: If the reason for repair is a diagnosis and repair of FPV systems, please include all items such as video transmitters, receivers, antennas and cameras used.

How to Pack

If possible, please send the drone system in a hard shell case or original packing designed for the equipment. Always ensure that gimbals are immobilized.

For internal tracking purposes, please be sure to write your drone repair ORDER number on the outside of the package.


RDM Drones accepts shipments from all common carriers. Regardless of your chosen carrier, please ship a method that provides online tracking, insurance, and signature.

Upon Arrival – Next Steps

Check-In: When your drone system arrives, it will be checked and will be shown as “RECEIVED” on RDMDrones.com. All items received will be inventoried and tagged.

Diagnosis: Before any repairs or upgrades are undertaken, drone systems are completely checked for current state and settings to formulate a diagnosis. Diagnostic fee is $29.99

Consult: At this stage, you’ll receive a call or email from your assigned technician. The technician will discuss with you repairs needed, your options and provide a cost estimate seeking your permission to proceed.

Repair and Test: Repairs will have a labor rate of $99.00 per hour. After making the required repairs, all aircraft are flight tested against the symptoms. Additionally, the technician will ensure the aircraft is operating normally per factory requirements and ensure firmware and settings are up-to-date.

Payment: When everything is complete, you’ll receive a second phone call or email from the assigned technician to make payment.

Return: When your drone is ready for return shipment, you will receive an email notification from us and a UPS Worldship Tracking email.


Even after repairs are complete and you have your drone back, we’re still here for you. Contact RDM Drones for follow-up questions anytime.