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Cinematic Views – DJI Drones and Video in Motion

Unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs) are increasing in popularity and drones are finding all types of uses.  Recreationally and functionally, drones are useful for a number of reasons, and the ability to capture aerial photography and videography is at the top of the list.  DJI Drones are an industry leader in UAV production, and drones that specialize in aerial photography and videography.  DJI also specializes in drone parts and accessories.

Cinematic Views - DJI Drones and Video in Motion

Drones allow access to a wide array of views and film shots.  The cinematic elements that drones add to film projects are mesmerizing and are very cost-effective.  Drones replace expensive cranes and other bulky equipment and offer film projects a more fluid and expansive range of camera motion.  DJI Drones are fast and produce the best quality video while remaining agile in its movements.  The Inspire series from DJI offers the first filmmaking drones to have an HD video transmission system.  They are also equipped with a 4k camera and a 360-degree rotating gimbal.  This innovation in videography comes with an app control system that makes movements easy to control.  DJI also produces many other models of drones for consumer and professional use.

If you are considering a UAV for a film project, or want to experiment with aerial videography, DJI Drones are an excellent choice.  These drones offer speed, maneuverability, and high-quality video that will add depth to your films.  To learn more contact us