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Benefits of Lens Filters For Aerial Landscape Photography

Photographing landscapes from the sky is an exciting venture! An aerial shot can capture a view in a way it might never have been seen before. But landscape photography can come with its challenges. Here are some ways that you can turn those challenges into opportunities for breath-taking shots with lens filters for your drone:

Benefits of Lens Filters For Aerial Landscape Photography

Why a Lens Filter

You might be wondering why you simply cannot use an after-shot software program to add a filter effect instead of purchasing a lens filter. But the fact is that many photographers would argue that a computer program simply cannot replicate what a lens filter can do in real time. Lens filters also act as the protection to your camera lens; an added bonus to making your equipment last longer.

Landscape Shots

Capturing nature can be tricky. Landscapes exist outside of a studio or an area with controlled light and movements. This is where a lens filter becomes essential. Whether your perfect shot is a rushing river, dazzling night sky as the sun sets, or a mountain scene, having a lens filter can make all the difference.

UV Filters

The simplest filter you can obtain is a clear UV filter. They improve your clarity, reduce haze, and protect your lens from the elements.

Polarized Filter

This filter is go-to for most photographers. Pictures that might otherwise be dull due to a low color contrast can be transformed into brilliant shots by this lens’ capabilities. Reflection and glare decrease as contrast and saturation increase. When shooting landscapes with an expanse of sky, this lens can make the sky bluer and the colors of the surrounding land stand out.

Neutral Density (ND) Filter

An ND filter is extremely useful during the daytime. Light hits the filter and is reduced in its intensity. This, in turn, gives a longer exposure time, allowing the camera to decrease shutter speed. A perfect time to use this technique is when you’re shooting something that is moving, such as a waterfall.

Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Filter

This filter is all about balance. It is used in landscapes where a heavy contrast exists. The perfect example would be a sunset where the sky is brighter than the darkened horizon. Either a Hard-Edge GND filter or a Soft-Edge GND filter would work well in this situation. The former is used when the foreground has a straight edge on the horizon; the latter is used when the foreground isn’t flat and needs a softer transition into the skyline.

Color/Warming/Cooling Filters

These filters affect the white balance in a shot. They are used for either color correction or color subtraction. Colored filters are also stackable for different effects.

Landscape photographers have some of the best photo subjects in the world: the beauty around us! But as we have discussed, sometimes the conditions of nature need filtering in order to properly capture them. Lens filters for your aerial drone, such as the Freewill Filter 6-PACK for YUNEEC, can make a world of difference for your photography. Contact us for more information on lens options and what would work best with your drone!